So, you’re thinking about buying a new air conditioner, but you’re not quite convinced that a new one would be worth the money? Are you unhappy with constant visits from AC repair services, but ensure that the cost of replacing your current unit would be justified in the long run?

Air conditioners don’t last forever, and eventually, any homeowner who has an air conditioner installed in their house has to make the decision to replace it. Whether it’s due to old age, failing parts, or just wanting to upgrade to something fancier, replacement is inevitable.

Billfish Air Conditioning, LLC believes that the best consumer is an informed consumer, especially when it comes to deciding on such an important piece of home hardware. With that in mind, we’d like to talk about the benefits of purchasing a new air conditioner.

Better Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save between 20 to 40 percent on your cooling energy costs by replacing your older air conditioner unit. Thanks to ever-improving technology, newer air conditioners are far more efficient than those manufactured even ten years ago.

If you happen to be in the market for a new air conditioner, keep a lookout for what’s called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), a measurement that dictates the amount of energy needed to provide a standard cooling output. The minimum SEER rating allowed by manufacturers today is 13; to put that in perspective, older models have a rating of 6. Modern air conditioners are 50% more efficient than older ones! That’s good news for homeowners who are looking to replace their aging AC units.

Lower Utility Bills

Replacing an old air conditioner with a brand-new one will have almost immediate results, not the least of which is a lower utility bill. Because they’re designed to run on less power, modern air conditioners run circles around older units when it comes to saving money. As noted above, you can look forward to saving up to 40% on your energy bills over the lifetime of a new air conditioner.

Improved Air Quality

Over time, air conditioners lose their efficacy at filtering out dust, pollen, and mold; anyone with allergies knows what it’s like to deal with an air conditioner that no longer keeps the bad particles out of their home. If you constantly struggle with replacing dirty air filters on your vents, it’s probably time to think about getting a new unit.

In addition to filtering, air conditioners are designed to regulate the amount of humidity in your home. If the air in your house has been a lot more muggy than usual, especially when running the AC, it could be that the unit is in need of replacement.

Modern air conditioners are much more efficient at balancing air quality than their older counterparts. If you suspect your current setup isn’t doing the job anymore, talk to your local HVAC technician to get information on getting a replacement and whether it will be compatible with your home’s ductwork (don’t worry, the vast majority of new air conditioners will fit even the oldest HVAC systems.)

Increased Comfort

One responsibility of an air conditioner is to maintain a steady, comfortable environment in your home. As it ages, your AC has to work harder to manage temperatures at a steady level, resulting in an uneven interior climate which can affect your comfort level.

Many newer air conditioners have technology that allows them to vary their operating speed in increments, quickly adjusting to sudden spikes in temperature. The result is a wonderfully consistent comfort level for you and your family.

If you find the temperature in your home to be uneven, with your AC struggling to keep up with the temperature inside and out, consider contacting an HVAC service to have them run a diagnostic on your air conditioner.

Better Durability

As dependable as you think your ancient, creaking air conditioning unit might be, it’s very likely that it is not nearly as durable as newer devices available on the market today. Modern AC units are designed to last more than fifteen years when maintained and serviced properly; that alone is a pretty good reason to replace your current unit with something that will last longer.

More Options

Technology is ever-changing, and air conditioners are just as susceptible to advancement as any other home accessory. Modern air conditioners have a host of fancy capabilities, including:

  • Remote control with a phone app or other device
  • Compatibility with smart thermostats
  • Custom cooling options
  • Programmable on/off scheduling
  • Compatibility with home zoning systems
  • High-efficiency settings
  • Better compatibility with after-market replacement parts

With features like these, there’s no better time to invest in an advanced air conditioner!

Always Trust Billfish Air Conditioning, LLC To Get You The Best Results

Whether you are in need of a brand-new air conditioner or are just looking for an experienced AC installation company to give you an honest consultation, you can trust Billfish Air Conditioning, LLC to get you the best results. With years of HVAC knowledge under their belts, the folks at Billfish Air Conditioning, LLC will do their best to offer you an affordable resolution that will fit your situation and your budget.

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